Rhopalosoma nearcticum Brues, 1943


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Area distribution map

map of Rhopalosoma nearcticum     Brues, 1943


CRICosta Rica
(Gauld, 1995; Miller et al., 2019)
(Gauld, 1995; Gauld, 2006)
USAUnited States
(Gauld, 1995; Tschuch & Brothers, 2000; Coronado Blanco & Ruíz Cancino, 2002; Gauld, 2006)
USA-FloUnited States - Florida
(Brues, 1943; Krombein, 1951; Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Krombein et al., 1979; Stange, 1991; Barrows, 2013)
USA-GeoUnited States - Georgia
(Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991)
USA-KenUnited States - Kentucky
(Krombein, 1951; Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Krombein et al., 1979; Freytag, 1984; Stange, 1991)
USA-LouUnited States - Louisiana
(Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991)
USA-MarUnited States - Maryland
(Brues, 1943; Krombein, 1951; Gurney, 1953; Krombein, 1963; Townes, 1977; Krombein et al., 1979; Stange, 1991; Smith, 2008; Barrows, 2013)
USA-MioUnited States - Missouri
(Krombein, 1951; Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Krombein et al., 1979; Stange, 1991)
USA-NoCUnited States - North Carolina
(Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991)
USA-SoCUnited States - South Carolina
(Gurney, 1953; Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991)
USA-TenUnited States - Tennessee
(Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991)
USA-TexUnited States - Texas
(Townes, 1977; Stange, 1991; Wharton, 2006; Barrows, 2013)
USA-WasUnited States - Washington
(Brues, 1943)


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