Rhopalosoma guianense Schulz, 1906


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Area distribution map

map of Rhopalosoma guianense     Schulz, 1906


(Ogloblin, 1951 [as Rhopalosoma martinezi Ogloblin, 1951]; Townes, 1977; Townes, 1977 [as Rhopalosoma martinezi Ogloblin, 1951]; Guidotti, 1999)
(Townes, 1977)
(Townes, 1977)
GUFFrench Guiana
(Braet et al., 2000)
(Schulz, 1906; Bodkin, 1918; Townes, 1977)
(Townes, 1977; Rasmussen & Asenjo, 2009)
(Townes, 1977; Guidotti, 1999)
TTOTrinidad and Tobago
(Townes, 1977)


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